How to Make $100,000 in Real Estate – Fast


How to Make $100,000 in Real Estate – Fast

Invest in Toronto Real Estate like the pros


Today I’m going to share with you my secrets of making money in Real Estate. The video above is a good summary of how it’s done, so watch it first please.

Not just me, but everyone that have ever made it in Real Estate had a focus on a few simple factors. This focus allows you to narrow down on the best investments and find them quick, before others do. Because you know, you’re not the only smart kid in the room, there are many like you.

The first secret I’ll share with you is this: you must find the property before it becomes “a thing”. King West until few short years back, was nothing, I recall it boarded up – yes, building after building covered in wood sheets and inaccessible. Someone had the smarts, vision and guts to go there and clean it up, invest to make it into Toronto’s most desired real estate.

What I did was to see that it’s happening. When I began to invest and talk about King West, people thought I was nuts. Why? Because it looked like nothing. Desolate. Garbage. Theft. I saw a natural extension of the downtown, easy connection along King to the FInancial District, and awesome potential that needs to be unlocked.

Today, when I tell people, hey, go invest in area X, they still look at me with wide eyes and say, but that is not a good area! Well my friends, that’s why when you’re late to the party, you pay premium on the tickets. Have you ever got to see a bank before it exploded in a small bar? and before you know it, they are filling stadiums? Now you get it, yeah?

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