Founders Residences – 5 Year Guaranteed Income

Founders Residences: 5 Year Guaranteed Income

+ Positive Cashflow

+ Guaranteed Returns

+ Guaranteed Buyout


Founders Residences is a new condo development, designed for the needs of Ottawa’s retiring population. Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, is home to thousands of thousands of Federal Government and the many companies that service them. These employees are highly educated and earn high salaries. Once retired, they have significant pensions and benefits for life. In addition to Government employees, thousands that work in the area with the government are also well paid and well pensioned. Those will become good, stable residents at Founders Residences.


Here’s How it Works:


  1. Purchase a condo unit (similar to any other condo)
  2. 20/80 mortgage financing available
  3. The company builds & manage the condos
  4. You pay: Mortgage and Taxes
  5. Company pays: Maintenance and any other expenses
    (Again: owner do not pay condo fees. Company does)
  6. Closing costs are capped
  7. You get paid EVERY MONTH for FIVE YEARS
  8. At the end of the term, the developers will BUY BACK the units from you, at (1) agreed upon price or (2) current market value

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    Photos of Founders Residences

    Founders Residences - Call Yossi Kaplan
    Founders Residences – Call Yossi Kaplan
    Founders Residences - Benefits 2 - Call Yossi Kaplan
    Founders Residences – Benefits
    Founders Residences - 3 - Call Yossi Kaplan
    Founders Residences – Call Yossi Kaplan


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    Founders Residences - 5-Yr Guaranteed Income & Cashflow Investment - Yossi Kaplan, MBA
    Founders Residences – 5-Yr Guaranteed Income
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