Top 5 Most Expensive King West Condos! [Live Updates]

629 King West Condos for Sale | Thompson Toronto - Call Yossi Kaplan
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Top 5 Most Expensive King West Condos

Thompson Toronto, Fashion House, The Harlow and more!


Today we’re looking at King West’s Most Expensive Condos for Sale! This information is important to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a condo on King West. Why? bc “Most Expensive” category represents how the condo market is performing. As you know, condos now outperform houses as the fastest appreciating real estate asset class. Why? bc condos are more affordable than houses, take little to no maintenance and located in the heart of the hustle and bustle. So lets get into it:

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#5 111 Bathurst

111 Bathurst - Condos for Sale - Call Yossi Kaplan
111 Bathurst Condos

111 Bathurst Condos is a gorgeous modern-architecture condo bldg built by Lamb Developments. 111 Bathurst offers excellent location and great views. Units range from bachelor, one, one plus den, two and penthouses. Most expensive units at 11 Bathurst go for well over a million (at time of writing).



#4 608 Richmond – The Harlow Condos

608 Richmond Condos for Sale - The Harlow - Contact Yossi Kaplan
608 Richmond

The Harlow condos at 608 Richmond W. is another boutique project by Brad Lamb. The most expensive units in the building see asking prices of one to two million (at time of writing), and offer condos for sale from bachelors to penthouses.



#3 – 560 King W – Fashion House Condos

Fashion House Condos | 560 King W & 461 Adelaide W
Fashion House Condos

Fashion House Condos is a King West staple, mostly bc of its private rooftop pool (the pools at both Thompsons are not private). The King Building (560 King W) joins 461 Adelaide W (“Back Building” to form Fashion House. Location cannot be better and units are spacious and well designed. Most expensive units will run you one to three million.



#2 – 629 King W – Thompson Residences

629 King West Condos for Sale @ The Thompson Residences - Call Yossi Kaplan
629 King West Condos


Thompson Residences at 629 King W & 55 Stewart takes second spot for most-expensive King West condo. Many units sell in the million to two range, with some units worth well over three and four million. Those almost never come to market, ans when they do they may sell privately. Contact us with any interest or questions.


#1 – 500 Wellington

500 Wellington - Buy and Sell Condos w/ Yossi Kaplan, MBA


500 Wellington is a true boutique building, hosting a mere of twenty units in total. The smallest unit takes half floor (approx 2,500 sq ft) and the top floors host just one unit each, coming in at approx. 5,000 sq ft. The Penthouse hosts a South-facing private pool with a price tag of about six million. 500 Wellington was built by Freed Developments.


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