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Yossi Kaplan
Toronto Condos Assignments
For Sale.

On June 23rd, 2009 I was interviewed by David
Grossman host of MenschLife.TV on

What are

Condo Assignments?

Condo Assignments are Toronto Condo
sold previously from a Developer to
an individual, which are now back on the market offered for sale from that
individual buyer to anyone who would like to be the new owner of that new

When we say

Condo Assignments
we always refer to a Toronto Condos yet
to register. Since the original owner has yet to take possession and close
on the unit, you can buy their contract and assume that contract as if you
bought from the developer yourselves.

If the Condo has already registered, then the
type of transaction is called “Re-sale” and it’s the standard transaction
you already know: buying an already-existing condo from someone who already
owns it.

Note that Condo Assignments require a relative
large amount of cash down, as the Assignee (person buying the Assignment)
requires to pay the initial deposit plus any differences on the price

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