Contract Assignments

Yossi Kaplan on Condo Assignments

What is a Contract Assignment?

Contract Assignment is an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that was executed between a Builder (The Seller) and an individual purchaser (The Buyer). The Purchaser now becomes the Seller and is offering the Agreement for sale, all before the building has completed. Assignments are short-lived and difficult to come by, and are not well understood by many.

Sellers Contact us for:

  • Evaluating your Contract
  • Determining Closing Costs
  • Listing, selling and Marketing your Contract
  • Negotiations and Closing
  • Legal and Finance referrals available as always.

Buyers Contact us for:

  • Newly finished condo buildings (not yet registered)
  • Looking for discount on future price
  • Looking to take possession / move in soon
  • Want to Invest Now

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