Will Toronto’s Real Estate Market CRASH?

Property Reviews & Market Analysis| #122

So what’s my new video all about?

Toronto’s Real Estate Market is wild. Everyone’s seeking answers. Will it continue its meteoric rise or will it rescind? Are the numbers good fundamentals or are they backed by low interest rates and rich immigration? What are the chances for today’s investors to make a good gain in today’s market? Should you buy now or should you wait?

224 King West - Penthouse for Sale - Call Yossi Kaplan, MBA
224 King West – Penthouse

The first part, reviewing some very cool properties, incl

468 Wellington W - Batman's Cave (the real one)
468 Wellington W – For Sale

The second part, looking at Toronto’s Real Estate market for 2019 and beyond:

  • Can the increases just go on?
  • Is it like 1989? I know! The old timers … 
  • Is it Immigration?
  • Is it Global Issue?
  • What is the future for Canada’s Economy and Real Estate Markets?
Yossi Kaplan, MBA discusses Toronto's Real Estate Market Forecast for 2019
Yossi Kaplan, MBA discusses Toronto’s Real Estate Market Forecast for 2019

You see, we are in a funky position – it could go up, or all the way down. 

A lot of it – virtually all of it – depends on our common beliefs.

For example – if we all believe “the market is great”, we develop a common expectation that prices will go up, we are asking for more (sellers) and willing to pay more (buyers).

However, if our common expectations is that “the market is going down” – sellers will hold off, and so will buyers, as they expect things to change. 

Which point of view will win? that is the Billion Dollar Question of course.

Let us review the numbers (and those funky penthouses) and get a better understanding. 

Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqGIh4Q_b-I

629 King W - One Bedroom Condo for Sale
629 King W – One Bedroom Condo for Sale [Thompson Residences]

So what do you believe? 

I know it sounds weird, but if we take a break and get out of the bubble for a second, we can see that we all “share stories”: the story that we share, in this case, market up or market down, will be the story we believe in.

When enough of us share the same story – we start acting as it is real, and it happens. For example, if we call believe that Canada is the bet place in the world to live at, and that our economy is great, and that we are a stable country, and that our resources plus immigration are bringing prosperity and richness to us – then our common expectations are as such, 

Once we set common expectations as a group – a very large group – we can start acting on those. So – if we are looking for a great 2019, join the group that is aligned with this state of mind – chances are, you will uncover great deals, and will do fantastically well, regardless of arket’s direction. 

However, if you subscribe to the point of view where “it’s gonna go down”, you will seek and find articles, people, and things that adhere to this belief – and it’ll go down in flames for you.

Nonetheless, in order for any of this to happen, we must amass a very large group that sets the tone everywhere. That can be via the Corporate Media (News channels, TV, Google, Yahoo), via groups you participate in (online or in person), maybe even your neighbours. 

A few more points…

(make sure you watched the video bc this relates)

  • Toronto’s Real Estate Market has seen incredible gains over the past 3-4 years
  • In order to create a smooth average, we may see slower uptick in prices for a couple of years
  • There is so much money in the world, and just a fraction flowing to Canada of is enough to lift our economy 
  • There is ALWAYS a deal to be made, in any market, up or down. 
  • Are you open minded that you can find value in any market?
  • Or, are you close minded and subscribe to one or another view point? In that case, it may be too late for you. I know. 

So what . should you do next?

  • Gather Information
  • Create an opinion. You won’t get anywhere otherwise. 
  • Act. You must ACT.
  • Speak to experts such as myself. 
  • Get several opinions. 
  • ACT, and ACT and ACT. Take ACTION. NOW. Find the deals – and acquire them. The world’s greatest fortunes where achieved the fastest way, in times of hesitation. What is unclear to you – is sunshine to someone else. ACT NOW.

Final Question: Should You Buy Now? 

Here’s how it works: in the long run, Toronto and the GTA are going to skyrocket in prices. Only two factors can slow it down: global inflation (which will cause riots on the streets – unlikely), or some mega-mega problem in the world, something really huge and crazy. 

Remember 9/11? Even that was not enough to stop the markets. Remember 2008? a hickup for a few months. Remember… See what I mean? The market always bounces back bc the system is designed to do just that – inflate – reduce the value of money – and push prices up. That’s by design. 

Unless the global financial system in its entirety changes (due to a mega event) – we’re looking at long-term appreciation as we alwys have seen it. 

This is not “economy” – that is how. the world works. You know why? bc we designed it as such. So if you, like me, understand the system, you can take advantage of it. Once you “get it”, you can make gains in ANY MARKET, UP OR DOWN. and don’t forget – MILLIONS of people are moving to urban centres and they need BEDS – lots of beds. WE simply cannot build fast enough – so for now, I see market going up. Hickup or not, that’s how it works. OK? 

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