Five Beautiful Toronto Condos You Can Buy Now

224 King W – Theatre Park Condos

Toronto Real Estate market offers unique condos and townhomes for sale. I picked eight properties that are available for sale right now. To make it special, I searched for special properties with unique features and views.

Scroll below for pics and links. Note that if the property has already sold, or has gone “off the market”, it might not show up. 

A note about the Toronto Real Estate Market: in the past few years, Toronto has seen incredible gains made in the Real Estate space. Prices have gone up ten and twenty percent up year over year. Although no one can tell what’s going to happen tomorrow, my expectations of the Toronto Real Estate market is to continue its long-term ascension. The reasons are simple:

  • Toronto is one of the best places to live in the world
  • Property prices when compared globally,
  • We are way below what you’ll find in major global urban areas,
  • Economy is stable and,
  • Immigration is steady

So lets go and visit eight great properties – enjoy!

29 Queens Quay E [Pier 27] - Condo for Sale 2 Beds and 3 Baths
Pier 27 – Condo for Sale

29 Queens Quay E [Pier 27]

The condo for sale at Pier 27 is lovely, This one features two beds and two baths with a nice balcony to match. The project looks great, water access is at your door, and city amenities are abound. With the incoming of high-tech businesses to the area, we expect this area to be even more in demand as years go by.

Direct link is here. If you can’t see the unit, go here for alternatives

629 King St W - One Bedroom Condo for Sale at Thompson Toronto - Call Yossi Kaplan
629 King St W – One Bedroom Condo for Sale

629 King One Bedroom For Sale [Thompson Residences]

Efficient One Bedroom condo for sale at Thompson Toronto, 629 King West. This is one of the most sought-after condos on King West, and rents are very high here, long surpassed the four dollars per foot mark. These units are popular as furnished and un-furnished leases alike. Today’s price, just over half a million, represent value of 35% LESS than BIG King West, just a few steps East on King. We anticipate that 629 King West condo prices will “catch up” soon, so make your move now. 

260 High Park Ave - Live in a Church - 2 bed 2 bath condo for sale - Call Yossi Kaplan
260 High Park Ave – Condos for Sale

260 High Park Ave.

Who wants to live in a converted church? This condo for sale at 260 High Park Ave. takes beautiful space and makes it simply magical. Vaulted ceilings, mosaic, treatment of all elements and high end appliances to match. The conversion at 260 High Park is beautiful, and features only a handful of units. This is why, in my opinion, you’re looking at a good long-term prospect to buy and hold.

224 King St W Penthouse For Sale - Call Yossi Kaplan
224 King St W Penthouse For Sale

Penthouse @ 224 King W [Theatre Park]

Theatre Park at 224 King W is a. masterpiece of design, architecture and engineering. At the very top of this tower sites a penthouse that takes the entire floor, boasts a beautiful wrap-around terrace and is set for glorious living. 

224 King W. is a very good investment, IMO. The area is thriving, money-meets-high-art is seen here, the massive 80+ towers are coming next door, and we can only guess the pricetag that will be attached to those. 

If the pricetag of your neighbour is high, or even expected to be high, it makes your property (224 King W, in this case), rise in value. Not only that, today’s price for the unit may pale for what you will be able to get for it in years to come. 

88 Blue Jays Way 2-Bed Condo for Sale [Bisha] - Call Yossi Kaplan
88 Blue Jays Way 2-Bed Condo for Sale

88 Blue Jays [Bisha Condos]

The condo for sale at 88 Blue Jays offers downtown living with a spark. Bisha Condos is a great lifestyle building with a fantastic location at King and Peter (Blue Jays when it’s South of King). The nearest lifestyle buildings are Nobu and Shangri-La. Those are selling for much higher prices, making 88 Blue Jays a consideration for the frugal investor.

At Bisha, you’ll find a sexy rooftop pool, a bar and a restaurant. The unit itself is spacious, its floor to ceiling windows offer lots of light and the views are good. 

What’s For Sale Today?

Toronto Condos Map by Yossi Kaplan
Toronto Condos Map by Yossi Kaplan

Map of Toronto Condos for Sale. Click here to see today’s listings 

That’s all for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation and had a. chance to browse some properties on our map and around the site. 

As usual, Contact Yossi with any question you may have. Take care.

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