Radio City Breaks Record with $460 PSF

Radio CityJust 24 hours after overnight sale at Radio City conditionally sold a second, smaller, 18th floor 535 sq. ft. with parking facing North at approx $270,000 or approx. $460 PSF NET*.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Take your sweet time this summer and get priced out faster then you can see “double double” at Tim Horton’s.

Buyers’ take note:  1. if you’re after re-sale, get the best agent you can, and get pre-qualified
2. new development buyers, register with us as our ne project will be announced this weekend.

For more info on Radio City or Real-Estate in general email Yossi Kaplan,

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* To calculate NET PSF deduct the parking cost from the asking price, then divide by unit’s net square footage.

Disclaimer: all figures are approximate and for entertainment only. Actual sales prices are published on MLS once the transaction has gone through. The unit in discussion is sold conditionally, as most units do.

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