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Why? because by the time you’ll hear about it otherwise is just too late:

  • when new developments open to the public, Investors already purchased 20%-40%
    of the inventory
  • investors pay lower prices then you
  • investors get better terms then you

Who are the investors? these are regular people with day jobs who believe in
real-estate as a viable investment for their future. They understand how the
market works and they do not cut corners. They go the the experts to seek the
best possible deal and educate themselves. Like any investors, they understand
the risks and rewards involved. And finally, they sleep well at night.

What does it take to become one?

  • desire. investing is not for everyone. you must want it..
  • money. you’ll need between 10% and 20% of the purchase price to
    get in
  • timing. investors are not flippers. They make decisions based on
    facts, not emotions.
  • knowledge. this is when you call us.

Q & A

Can I purchase an investment unit to live in or to rent out? you can
do either or both. The concept of investing is beating the market and that’s
what is at discussion here.

I am a first-time homebuyer. Do I qualify? yes, in many cases you do
qualify. Will and we sold many condos to first-time home buyers who had the
intelligence and insight to treat their first home as an investment.

Can I flip my investment? we do not like the term flip. If you’re
looking for fast, magical returns look elsewhere. We are in the business of
selling real-estate that we believe will appreciate and possibly make an income

What about no money down? no money down properties rarely nets the
returns investors seek. If you are low on immediate cash yet qualify for a
mortgage then we have options better suited for your unique situation

Is there a sales centre? in most cases, no. You will be making a
decision based on floorplans, siteplans and artists’ concept of the project and
the like. Investors are the people who can see the big picture without the
fluff. We will teach you how to do that.

Do you charge a fee? no, we do not. We get paid by the Seller.

Is my money safe? yes it is. Funds are put In Trust to the Seller’s
solicitor Trust Account. We do not touch your money. Transactions are governed
by The Province of Ontario.

What happens if a project fails to complete? while rare, there is a
chance that a project does not reach completion. In that case you get your
investment back plus interest, as governed in The Province of Ontario.

How much money will I make? while we cannot predict the future, we can
tell you that on many, many occasions investors grossed anywhere from $30,000 to
over $100,000. Some people do this for living, some as a hobby, but most do it
once and keep going.

Can non-Canadians participate? yes. We sold units to investors all
over the world for people who understand that Canada and Toronto especially
represent an excellent global value for real-estate investments. Please check
with local and Canadian tax and legal advisors as some variances apply.

Ok, I am interested, what do I do next?

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Disclaimer: this article is not intended as
investment advise but rather to provide you with contact information where you
can find professional, licensed Realtor support in your pursue of learning more
about investing in real-estate.

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