Investing in Toronto with Global Perspective

Toronto Condo Market: Toronto Condo Assignments Commentary

In 2010 economists predicts that Canada will have the stongest growth with forecast at 2.5%. The recession of 2007-2009 has been hard for many fellow citizens but during these period Canada remained has the less affected economy among the G7 and the real estate market has known a recovery in May before the economy in August.  There are so many reasons to Invest in condominiums in Toronto, why?

– First as written above the economy is in recovery and according to survey Torontonians are very optimistic about the economic future of the GTA, and the attractiveness of the market ( 25% in August 2009 from last year) and the household consumption is a proof of the moral of Torontonians.  Moreover with low interest everything is done to boost purchasing of Condos. Since 2007 foreign cities like London, Dubai or US’s largest cities have lost up to 30% in real estate property value while Toronto’s real estate market remained attractive and for these reasons foreign investors are many to get more interested in Toronto’s real estate market.

– Secondly the city of Toronto and mainly the downtown core is facing a mass gentrification. Indeed young professionals settle in the downtown core and choose life in Condominiums. Toronto is world most active city in the condo market and new neighborhood are emerging as West Don Lands whose condo River City is set to be the symbol of this revitalization, the King East area with East Lofts and the city’s largest condo complex CityPlace in the waterfront.

-Thirdly the immigration help to boost the real estate market and especially the condo market; thousand people from China, Vietnam, Korea, India or Pakistan come every year to start a new life. Well educated and enterprising In the last 4 years they have contributed steadily to foster the condo market  t. Forecast showed that in 2031 the city will grow by 1 million people making the demand for real estate in a good position.

Depending on what you want and where you want to Invest, Downtown? Midtown? Uptown? North Toronto? We will help you out to get the best investment possible there are many opportunities.  Meanwhile as specialized in the downtown core we can advise you that the market is highly attractive and the trend in the future seem to be positive also. We have built through the years good relationship with many builders and we know exactly the best opportunity to take.

Contact us if you want to have more information on Assignments, in Investments in real estate market.

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