Toronto’s Top Five Condos w/ Rooftop Pools

Thomspon Toronto Rooftop Pool - Condos Sales contact Yossi Kaplan
Thompson Hotel & Residences 55 Stewart St. / photo @alisasavina

Toronto’s Top Ten Condos w/ Rooftop Pools

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Toronto condos with rooftop pools are the city’s top lifestyle condos. Everyone wants a piece of the action, and the scene is busy with models, celebrities, Instagram auspices and agency types. The vibe is good, professional, ambitious and surprisingly friendly. After all, roof top decks, especially those featuring pools, are a social club. Before you know it, your neighbours become your friends, and a community is created.


Anyone who ever visited a rooftop pool deck on a summer day (or night), immediately wants come back for more. Social Media is filled with photos of your lucky friends that got to go, and better yet, those who bought or leased there. Because, where else would you rather be in a Toronto summer? #fashionhousecondos #lavelle #bishatoronto


Residents absolutely love condos with rooftop pools as they provide for fun and sexy space to hang out and enjoy, without needing to go anywhere. Some bring their laptops and “work from home” on the deck. Investors love them as renters pay higher rents for hot & wanted properties, increasing potential ROI. Scroll below to find out what’s available and for how much.


Before we give you the juice, a word to the wise: some of you may still believe that condos w/ pool have higher fees. When you compare the maintenance fees of “lifestyle condos” to “regular” ones, you’ll see that average fees are the same. Why? Because maintenance expense are shared amongst hundreds of units, blending all expenses together. Ultimately, a good property management company can work to lower fees, regardless of the amenities. Now, lets spill the beans…!



Bisha Condos 88 Blue Jays Pool - Buying or Selling? Call Yossi Kaplan
Bisha Condos 88 Blue Jays Way / photo @qingaling

#1 – Bisha Condos @ 88 Blue Jays Way


Bisha Condos features a rooftop pool on the 44th floor of the building. Bisha is Toronto’s ultimate lifestyle boutique condo. It has style, elegance and design you will not find elsewhere in the city. The top floor hosts KOST which opens to the pool. Charles Kabouth, Toronto’s Club King is involved, so expect to see A-List celebs seen here at special events or when in town shooting. #bishahotel @bishatoronto @kosttoronto

Bisha Condos For Sale & For Rent >



629 King West Condos for Sale @ Thompson Toronto - Call Yossi Kaplan, MBA
Thompson Residences 629 King W

#2 – Thompson Residences @ 629 King St W


The Thompson Residences on King West features North America’s longest lap pool, that comes in at one hundred feet (100′). Also on the roof is @lavelle, Thompson’s hottest restaurant property. The Residents of The Thompson are used to mix with hotel guests, many from the entertainment, business and tech industries. You never know whom you’ll meet and what it may lead to… #thompsontoronto

Thompson Residences (629 King ) For Sale & For Rent >



Thompson Toronto Rooftop Pool - Buy or Rent? Contact Yossi Kaplan
Thompson Condos 55 Stewart St. / photo @irda.hajdari

#3 – Thompson Hotel & Condos @ 550 Wellington / 55 Stewart


The Original Thompson Hotel & Condos gets our full respect. The Thompson is the one who introduced the hotel+condo+pool combo to Toronto’s lifestyle scene. The parties followed, and every movie star passing through town have been here, and perhaps, you! The space is well designed, with a large patio, a glorious deck pool and a bar/restaurant. See for yourself @thompsontoronto.

Thompson Condos (55 Stweart) For Sale & For Rent >



Fashion House Condos 560 King West - Pool - Buying or Selling? Contact Yossi Kaplan
Fashion House Condos 560 King W / photo @natalia_madina

#4 – Fashion House Condos @ 560 King W

Fashion House Condos is a private residence. It has no hotel, therefore the pool is only available to residents and their guests, and never to the public. It is not possible to rent to the pool for events, because it is owned by the condo’s residents (and not by a commercial company). This gives @Fashion House Condos an exclusivity you will not find anywhere else on King West. In other words, if you want to enjoy Toronto’s best private pool, you gotta live here, or get invited by someone who does. That is why Fashion House units tend to sell quickly, and rent for top dollar. #fashionhouse

Fashion House Condos For Sale & For Rent >



King Charlotte Condos For Sale - Rootp Pool - Sales Yossi Kaplan
King Charlotte Condos 36 Charlotte / photo @ serviceplusaquatics

#5 – King Charlotte @ 36 Charlotte


King Charlotte Condos, by Lamb Developments (Lesliville Lofts, Work Lofts) is a sleek ad modern condo tower at King-Spadina. The pool sits atop of the building, unseen from the street, wrapped in a beautiful wooden deck. This is a new pool in a recently completed private building (condos only, no hotel). This is a well-designed quality building, offering excellent living conditions for residents and good ROI values. for investors.


King Charlotte Condos Foe Sale & For Rent >



Do you like our list? We sure hope you have! Send us your comments and suggestion for the i=next instalment of Toronto condos with rooftop pools. Contact Yossi Kaplan with any questions regarding investing, buying or leasing at any Toronto downtown condos. All photos are from public sources. Please report any typos, thanks!



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