Toronto Real Estate Market in 2019 – Where to Invest?

Toronto Real Estate Market 2019: will see some changes. These changes are not “good” or “bad”. These are adjustments to what our “investor collective” ie how we communaly view the Real Estate market is. These are changes in perspective. Let me show you what I mean:

In order for investors to gain from Toronto’s Real Estate market in 2019, investors must use all available tools available to them, then cast their own understanding on the numbers. Sounds easy, right?

Let me be real here: most investors do the research, and do good research. We, investors such as myself, use similar, sometimes identical tools and information. So why is it that we arrive at different conclusions? How is it possible for investors – using the same data as other investors – to decide that a property is “good” while other investors, using identical data, declare that same property is “not good”?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Who is using the data correctly and who is not reading the map?

Who will make the gain and who will lose?

The Smart Investor Vs…

So what makes one investor a brilliant one, ie, whatever they touch “turns into gold” while others buy properties that, in the best case, rise and fall with the market, but seldom if ever, perform better than Toronto’s Real Estate market? In 2019, this difference will be easy to spot:

Smart Investor Thinking:

  • What is the general price vs. other properties?
  • What is the general price in the area?
  • What will the future price be? Here? Elsewhere?
  • What are the possible returns here? Elsewhere?

Not So Smart Investor Thinking (sorry!):

  • I can afford this now
  • This will go up the price like crazy
  • I’ll get paid highest rents
  • Paying high price for something you could have purchased for less
  • Paying the same price on a B or C Property
  • Did not buy the A property for same price just spent on a B or C

The 7 Mistakes Investors Make:

  1. Buying B or C property instead of A property
  2. Spending same amount on a B or C – you could have owned A
  3. Going for price, not Value
  4. Not understanding Value
  5. Not able to form own opinion
  6. Following a trend, agent, or group
  7. Thinking they are right (can’t help you there!)

The 7 Mindsets Successful Investors Use:

  1. Being realistic about themselves and the market
  2. Educate themselves so they can spot the opportunity
  3. Ready to buy when you find the gem
  4. Form their own opinions
  5. Follow experts, not gurus
  6. Listen to others, make their own decisions
  7. Taking ACTION. Most do not.
Thompson Residence Penthouse Terrace

The ONE Reason You Are Not Top of Your Game:

In my years of life, investing and selling Real Estate, I have learned that there is one major difference between successful people and those who keep meddling along.

That one difference is the one that separates the investors who will succeed in Toronto’ 2019 Real Estate market and those who will not. It is simple yet painful for me to watch. I will summarise it in TWO WORDS:


The most typical story is this: I post a great deal (I never post anything I do not like or can fully vouch for). I email the deal to my list, post on my site, social media etc. I get some responses. One ( or more) smart action oriented person will get in touch, and grab that deal. The others investors – have the funds and looking to invest – do not. Why? BC they do not take action. Some of them will do so for years, lifetime. I know of investors who did not buy when the market was 400 PSF… same ones did not buy when it was 600 PSF.. 800PSF.. 1000PSF… now they feel “it is too late” or “waiting for a crash” that never comes. If there is a crash, your money is worth ZERO. If you have Real Estate, you have Real Estate. Get it?

Like Wayne Gretsky said: “You miss 100% of the shots you did not take”.

How to Find The Deals

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Downtown Projects I Like:

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488 University Ave
489 King West Condos - Courtyard Public Space
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The Well

Above are three samples from some of the great projects Toronto’s Real Estate market has to offer. Remember that even within those, there will be more and less desirable units. Here is where I come in, I help you pick the right investment for you. Yes, you.

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