Toronto Condos Investors Guide – Part 3

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Today I’d like to highlight the three types of real-estate investments:

1. Pure Investment: you’re purchasing a property with intentions of making money and/or beating inflation. Your main reasons for purchasing are truly economical. You may live in the property or it may be tenanted. The property could be commercial, industrial or in our case, residential. Example: 500 sq. ft. condo downtown, no parking.

2. Mixed Investment: a larger residential live-in is a type of property you will be living in for a few years, looking to gain from future appreciation, and selecting a mortgage that allows you to rapidly pay down your loan, whenever you have extra funds available. Thinks of this option as a type savings account, here you pay down your residence and cut down on interest payments. Example: 1-bed +den, with or without parking.

3. Added Value Investment: this is your typical home or even larger condo. It will fit a single person, a couple, or a family. This type of properties are usually more expensive, luxury, higher floors or penthouses. With smart selection, an Added Value Investment can make you very happy in the long term. Since these properties are the most expensive of the three, your risk and payments will be the highest in the group. Example: 2-bed 2-bath in luxury tower.

Summary: be open-minded when you’re looking to invest, and let the expert show you options that will work for you. Many deals are unadvertised, so get in touch and we’ll let you know what’s available and what’s coming up.

As always, looking forward to your calls and emails,

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