Response to Tony Wong’s “Brokers wait for piece of condo action”

Where is the truth?Toronto Star‘s Tony Wong article “Brokers wait for piece of condo action” depicting Realtors standing in long lines and quoting from Will Dunning: “Investors are out in force, sowing their own disappointment”.

I emailed Will asking him to explain this statement, but never got a reply. Will’s article is here. Read it and decide for yourself where he is getting this info from.

Sofia Hasan, a Realtor quoted as saying “we are going to take home $20,000 for 24 hours” told me in a telephone call that her words were taken out of context. Sofia explained to me that Phase 1 sold out and equivalent Phase 2 units were approx. $20,000 more expensive, hence, one can assume a real appreciation on their investments.

Real-estate trades as an open market controlled by supply and demand. At a market of high-demand a little good supply, you can expect prices to keep rising.


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