Tony Robbins Advice for Real Estate Investors (and a quick look into my personal rental properties!)

Tony Robbins Advice for Investors - Call Yossi Kaplan Now!

Tony Robbins Advice for Investors

I’ve been a great fan of Tony Robbins, and have followed him for years. Tony keeps his eyes on the prize and simply says:

“Create an Income for LIFE, that pays you monthly, WITHOUT WORKING!”

– Tony Robbins

I have done just that. I can stop working now. I work because I really enjoy working with smart investors like you. I have successfully created for myself and many of my investors, a positive cash flow scenario that feeds and clothes us without having to do much. Buy another property? Yes! Vacation? Yes! Personal Freedom? YES!

“Have a second business with no moving parts

This business is a MONEY MACHINE – it will make the money for you while you sleep

All you need is a few hours per year to maintain it”

– Tony Robbins


This is my REAL GMAIL and what I get each month. And yes I have always declared and paid taxes on my properties.

RevCan link:

So how to do it? How to navigate through the massive market, confusing offers, bidding wars and all that? Easy, use a real pro.

Give me a call or email, let me know what you desire, and we’ll locate an investment that is perfect for you.

Here’s the complete interview with Tony:


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