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AirBnB Units $319,900 up*!

The Niagara Video – Everything Explained
Note – prices have increased since this video has been posted.
Contact Sales Director Yossi Kaplan for current availability & prices.

The Niagara is a brilliant new condominium development located at the heart of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara Falls is Canada’s most trafficked tourist spot, hosting over 14 million (!) tourists each year, and is home to locals and tourist industry employees.

In addition, we see retirees selling homes in the GTA/Golden Horseshoe and moving to the region. This population segment is looking for affordable yet large enough homes for rent, and The Niagara offers just that.

The Niagara is investor-friendly, and has been pre-approved for AirBnB. That means you can legally run an AirBnB at The Niagara. Our investor package will show you the exact estimations of income and expenses for Standard 1-Yr Lease and Typical AirBnB Scenario. More below.

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    Sample Deposits & Est. Returns [2018]

    The Niagara - 427sqft CLIFTON ROI
    The Niagara – 427sqft CLIFTON ROI
    Contact for Current Availability & Prices.
    The Niagara - Ferry Unit - one of the top performing units.
    Ferry ROI
    Contact for Current Availability & Prices.
    The Stamford - most size for the least amount of money. Best for long-term investors.
    Stamford – Lowest PSF in the Building. Good Long Term.
    Contact for Current Availability & Prices.
    The Niagara Stacked Towns
    The Niagara Stacked Towns
    The Niagara - Condo Investments - 10 Rooftop Patio - Call Yossi Kaplan
    The Niagara – Rooftop

    Why Invest @ The Niagara [2018]:

    • Super Efficient Designs
    • Super High Demand for Beds in the Area
    • AirBnB Approved & Legal
    • Short and Long Term Leases Allowed
    • Rent to: tourists, tourism employees, retirees
    • Estimated Returns $53,000 to $174,000 / Five Years*
    • Estimated ROI 111% to over 200% / Five Years*
    • Download Package for Full Info

    *Prices have changed since launch!
    Contact for Current Availability & Prices.

    Cash and ROI Return Estimates [2018]

    Standard Lease | est. up to $5,556/yr

    AirBNB Lease | est. up to $29,208/yr

    THE NIAGARA - AirBnB ROI - Yossi Kaplan 416-993-7653

    Insider Group Incentives [2018]*

    Insider Group From Prices [2018]*

    • One Beds from $299,900 $274,900
    • Two Beds from $369,900 $339,900
    • Three Beds from $529,900$ 499,900

    Insider Group $ Incentives [2018]*

    • $10,000 Discount For 1 Bedrooms or 1 Plus Den
    • $15,000 Discount For 2 Bedrooms or 2 Plus Den
    • $20,000 Discount For 3 Bedrooms or 3 Plus Den

    Flex Deposit Structure | Insiders [2018]*

    • $5000 Deposit with Offer
    • Balance to 5% in 30 days
    • 5% in 90 days
    • 5% in 180 370 days
    • 5% on Occupancy

    Capped Levies | Insiders [2018]*

    • $4,000 For 1 Bedrooms
    • $5,000 For 2 Bedrooms
    • $6,000 For 3 Bedrooms

    Additional Insider Group Benefits [2018]*

    • First Access
    • One Free Parking
    • One Free Assignment
    • Consent To Lease During Occupancy
    The Niagara – Townhome

    Exclusive to Yossi’s Clients

    Yossi’s Clients | VIP Services

    • Complimentary Consultation with Yossi
    • Advice and assistance on selecting your unit(s)
    • Mortgage pre-Approval arranged (no cost)
    • lawyer review arranged (no cost)
    • … and as always: professional service with a smile!
    Amazon Gift Card $500 800px
    Amazon Gift Card $500

    $300 – $400 – $500 Amazon Gift Cards [2018]*

    Amazon giftcard to investors that purchased with Yossi in december. Your giftcard will be issued once your deal(s) are firm with 10% deposits have cleared.

    • Each One Bedroom or One Plus Den Purchased $300
    • Each Two or Two Plus Den $400
    • Each Three or Three Plus Den $500
    The Niagara - Bedroom
    The Niagara – Bedroom

    How to Get The Insider Package:

    If you’re interested in being a part of this incredible community of investors, all you have to do is fill the form at the top of this page.

    You’ll receive an email with a 31-page PDF containing lots of great info, and a call from Yossi to go over the finest details and help you select the best unit for you.

    The Niagara – Sample Floorplans

    Use the form above to get the entire Investor Package (31 page PDF). Ask us about availability – some already sold-out – Yossi

    Google Area Map of The Niagara

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    *Prices have changed since launch!
    Contact for Current Availability & Prices.

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