The Massey Tower on Yonge and Queen


The Massey Tower on Yonge VIP Platinum package here

The Massey Condos is a fantastic new development by MOD developments, combining a century-old structure with a stunning 60-story condo right above it. The Massey’s location cannot be better: at the centre of Toronto’s downtown core, Yonge and Queen streets, across from the Eaton Centre mall. The Subway (TTC) is right at the corner of Yonge and Queen, and both Queen and Dundas streetcars are accessible within a short distance.

* we have the 58th floor exclusively available to our clients until March 6, 2012 * there are 60 stories in total *

* don’t miss out! this location can sell completely within one weekend * next building at a similar location will be more expensive *

The Massey Condos is now at Platinum VIP stage: special pricing and very early access is available to select clients. If you are thinking of purchasing at The Massey Tower, you should follow the instructions, and put your worksheet in now. The longer you wait, the less chances are for you to get the unit you wanted. If any units are left, the developer is likely to raise prices and do a second round of VIP, until they sell between 50 and 80% of the building.

The Massey may never be offered to the public, if the VIP sale is good. This has happened before at various condos such as Aura, Karma, and several others. If for any reason you missed the VIP sale, contact us to inquire if any units are left, and at what price.

If you are a purchaser at The Massey and would like to assign your unit, contact us to learn more about how assignments work, how we price assignments, how long it will take you to sell it and what are the costs involved.

The Massey Platinum VIP package is available here.

Deadline for your worksheets is Tuesday, March 6, 2012, ans you must email your worksheet to the email specified in the package.

More questions? contact Yossi Kaplan through this link

Buying Procedure:

  1. Fill in your worksheet completely, including SIN.
  2. Fill in government forms: Working with Realtor, Identification, Buyer Representation Agreement (you will not be charged any fees or commissions. By-law, buyers have to include these forms with every purchase.
  3. Scan your Passport or Drivers License
  4. One (1) Suite per name
  5. NO Power of Attorney! You MUST be present.
  6. We MUST get a CLEAR SCAN of your Passport of Drivers License
  7. Must give all FIVE (5) post-dated checks at time of signing (or no contract)
  8. Must present your Photo ID at time of signing (in addition to copy you provided)
  9. Qualified mortgage pre-approval must be received within twenty (20) days.

Email your worksheets, Government forms and scan of your ID to;

Yossi Kaplan, MBA
Deadline: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, MIDNIGHT


Want to purchase at The Massey after March 6, 2012?

Simply use our VIP form to let us know which unit(s) you are interested in, and we’ll let you know if they are available.


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