Strawberry IslandStrawberry Island is located off Manitoulin Island in the North Channel of Lake Huron. For years Strawberry Island kept a host to humans and nature alike, supporting the diversity of the Great Lakes while providing for hotels and cottages for Canadians and Americans seeking quiet refuge during the warm seasons.

In 1922, Strawberry Island was purchased by the Basilian Order and became a place of prayer for members of the church. History teaches us that the Island was known in 1637 “Anatari”, or, meeting place for the villagers. 1836 saw the Crown obtain the Island and referred to as “Papushkwan” – clearing of trees. it was also known as Anderson Island or Starvation Island after missing fishermen. In the 1880’s the Island renamed Strawberry Island, becoming a resort and is reached by steamships.

Immediately after purchasing the island in 1922, The Basilians Fathers built the Island to accommodate members coming for the summer months.

In 2002, The Pope John Paul II rested on the Island as a part of Word Youth Day that took place in Toronto. It was his first and only vacation outside Italy in 24 years. The Basilian Fathers sold the Island on June 14th, 2005. Source:

Strawberry Island in now for sale asking CAD $5 million.
Please email us if you’d like more information.

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