South Hill on Madison Condos Exclusive Investment Opportunity: $81,900 – $108,900 Return* [VIDEO]

South Hill On Madison Condos:

Exclusive Investment Opportunity

Earn $81,900 – $108,900 in 3 years*

PAYING $3.50/sqft for 36 MONTHS*

Yossi Kaplan has a special relationship with Burnac (Developer). Yossi’s clients can now access a very limited deal and get paid $3.50/sqft. for 36 consecutive months. Yossi’s clients will earn 100% of the leaseback with no deductions or fees. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about tenants or vacancies because Burnac guarantees the return.

Reasons to buy a Condo Investment at South Hill on Madison:

1. Limited supply, massive demand. Have you tried to buy or lease a condo in Forest Hill or Casa Loma? It’s nearly impossible bc there are very few of them. Those who come on the market immediately go.

2. The location is amazing. Forest Hill/Casa Loma is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Toronto (and Canada). These are executives paying top dollar for homes and condos, when they can find them.

3. Developer reputation. Burnac has been in the business for many years and has built multiple high-end developments. The types of features and finishes here are the ones you’d expect from a high-end development.

4. Prices are very good. There is an excellent potential of markup on these units for both selling at a later date and leasing. Yossi says: “You make the money when you buy, not when you sell”. That means, you buy at excellent price today, you can beat the market tomorrow. And that’s exactly what you want.

5. If you decide NOT to go into the rental program, for any reason, I’ll get you 2% off the purchase price. This is good for those who intend to occupy themselves. If you’re looking to lease, the leaseback program is recommended, it’s easy and guaranteed.

6. Yossi Kaplan has been in the condo investment business for a decade. He knows a good investment when he sees one. He won’t waste his or your time on anything sub-par.

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We are now selling a limited number of Investor units at the exclusive South Hill on Madison by Burnac Developments. The project is located right by Casa Loma (Davenport and Madison). You can’t ask for a better location and the investment potential is fantastic.

South Hill on Madison appeals to upwardly mobile clientele, young professionals and student tenants at the nearby schools. It also make a perfect residence for anyone who love to live in Toronto’s vibrant centre and be surrounded by trees and high-end homes.

The Investor Suites of South Hill on Madison will sell quickly. Last time we had this deal, 80 condos sold in under two hours. With request exceeding 300, only 1 in 4 investors got to buy. Why did this happen? Firstly, because it’s a really good deal. Second, limited supply vs. massive demand.  Third, those who pre-filled worksheets got units, those who decide to “wait and see” got left out and will not make money.

The same will happen this time. What you need to do is fill a worksheet and send it to me to reserve a unit. You have 10 days to mull it over. If you do not have a worksheet and do not get a unit, you’re out with no option of getting back in. As Toronto Real Estate market prices keep rising, the more you wait the more you pay. It’s how this game works, and we like to win! so join us!

Rental Guarantee Program Information:

  • Complete turnkey solution
  • You get 100% of the rental guarantee
  • For 36 Consecutive months
  • No fees will be deducted
  • You do not need to get a tenant
  • You get paid whether the unit or occupied or now.



* Representations and information contained herein do not form part of any Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Hersh Litvack sales representative, The Hersh Litvack Team, Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc. and/or Yossi Kaplan and/or Your Choice Realty Brokerage is not affiliated with Burnac or any brokerages. The parties do not warrant or represent any or all of the figures and statements above. No placement of mortgage is guaranteed and it is the responsibility of each purchaser to arrange suitable financing. You are advised to verify all figures and statements with your accountant and obtain independent legal advice. Price and availability are subject to change without notice 2014 E.&O.E.

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