Real Estate Red Zone – Enough with media Doom and Gloom – Part 3

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Inspired by “Cry Me a River” – Justin Timberlake

Real Estate Red Zone – enough with media Doom and Gloom.

Part 3

You gotta love the media for giving us ulcer in the name of objective reporting… sell more papers anyone?

Here is a Globe and Mail story titled

Housing markets on shaky ground

Prices don’t reflect economic fundamentals in most developed countries, IMF warns

Sound the Red Zone Alarm!

Yes, scary… but you need to read down a little to discover this quote:

“I’d be much more worried if I was from Barcelona than if I was from Toronto right now,” said Roberto Cardarelli, senior economist at the IMF. “The dynamics of house prices in Canada are in line with what we would expect based on the fundamentals of the economy.”

And then it goes on letting us know that we’re OK right up there with Austria. I’m sure their chocolate is better.

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