LTD Condos by Malibu: Everything you need to know.

Toronto Condos LTD MalibuLTD Condos by Malibu is launching and if you’d like to be the first in line to purchase a condo at LTD then this one’s for you. Prices will be discounted on this sale, and will return to a higher level for Public Opening. LTD Condos are Phase 2 of Malibu Condos and here is what you need to know

1. This is Selling event. Come to buy.

2. Price samples (from / we do not guarantee prices)

425 sq. ft. $196,900 (regular $199,900)
592 sq. ft. $243,900 (regular $246,900)
673 sq. ft. $270,900 (regular $273,900)
694 sq. ft. $298,900 (regular $301,900)
and up to +1,000 sq. ft.

3. You MUST be accompanied by a Realtor such as myself, as this is NOT a public opening.

4. Deposit structure: $2,000 with offer, Balance of 5% in 30 days, 5% in 90 days, 5% in 180 days, 5% on Occupancy, Total 20%.

5. You need to be able to provide a Mortgage Letter, either at time of sale or shortl after. Builder may refuse your contract if you cannot show sufficient financial ability to purchase.

6. You MUST bring FIVE (5) checks with you. They will NOT be cashed until after your 10-day cool-off period.

7. Builder will require your SIN number (as you’re paid interest on your deposits), Driver’s License and Date of Birth – please have it handy.

I will send you al the additional information you require, please use the contact section to indicate your interest.

Thanks! Call Yossi 416.441.2888 x 678

PS> We ask that all interested parties Subscribe to VIP so we have your info handy.


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