Investing Directly with Developers

Investing with Developers
Investing with Developers

It’s a little known fact that it is possible to invest directly with developers. It is possible to skip the entire process of buying a property and simply invest in the development itself. There are many advantages to this method, and some disadvantages as well. If you like Real Estate and believe it’s one of the best industries to invest in (we certainly believe it is), and looking for a clean and simple way of investing, you should consider this option.

Who can invest with developers?

What are the advantages?

  • No ownership
  • No Need for Platinum/VIP Sales
  • No Need to Assign or Sell a Condo
  • Opportunity for Very High Returns
  • No Mortgage Required
  • No Occupancy Costs
  • No Tenants
  • No PDI
  • No Headaches

What are the disadvantages?

  • Get paid when development has registered
  • Various risk factors

Are you interested in learning more?

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