Electric City Condos @ Dupont and Landsdowne

Electric City - electriccity - Toronto Condos

  Electric City Condos / Toronto Condos Electric City Condos located at Dupont and Landsdowne is a new Toronto Condos project aiming at young and first time Toronto Condo buyers with cheap prices as the main incentive to buying there. The area has been stagnant for years but now seeing some rejuvenation of towns, rentals and finally condos amidst a demographically mixed area.

Electric City Condos are excellent choice for those who like the neighborhood and like lower prices then at the downtown’s core. The trick, of course, is picking the right units and knowing how to do this. Recognizing and avoiding the “Dog Units” is something I will help you with. If you are not as experienced as myself in reading floorplans, knowing what to come to the area and how to pick the best unit, call me at 416.441.2888 x 678 for your priority appointment.

Electric City Condos may turn into a great investment for those who call me and let me help them with picking the right units, explaining and simplifying the purchase process and guiding you through the maze of Real-Estate. Since my service is free to buyers, you’d be nuts not to use a proven expert and instead risk hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve heard enough horror stories about buyers who are tempted into purchasing a unit, only to realize they over-paid for a lesser quality product that may be selling for a loss. Don’t be one of them.

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Buyers Beware! we strongly advise all buyers to NEVER to enter a new condo sales centre without a licensed Realtor. What you don’t know can and may hurt you and you’ve heard the horror stories. Always use a professional, licensed and insured Realtor – Yossi Kaplan, MBA, is here to help you navigate through the complex world of real-estate. Call 416.441.2888 x678.

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