Dating and Condos

Toronto Condos Lofts and Real Estate by Yossi Kaplan - Vote for Top 10!!!There’s something in common between Toronto downtown condo living and dating.

First, it’s about the size: “how big is YOUR condo?” – don’t tell me you never asked or were asked this question… ok then… a few more pearls:

“How is the view?”
“Does it look good from the back? or just the front?”
“Are you the first one in there?”
“Are you just going to go in and pull out quickly or you think of staying for a while?”
“Did you get it upgraded?”

Funny? sure. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Condos long have become a status symbol of the “upwardly mobile”, and Canadians are known for their obession for owning their homes, and Toronto condos have long  gone from serving the purpose of a roof to a place where a young person, single or couple, can live in style in a downtown location, away from the parents and without the need for a car.

Do you see the line between the condo owners and the condo renters? I think I do. When renting and owning are comparable, and with owning not only increasing your personal worthiness in the market but also allowing you to invest in a steady, large market.

Oh by the way, the next dinner party is at my place. Red or White?

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