Axium Condos Investor Suites – Prices, Floorplans, Deposit Structure

Axium Condos - Kitchen

Axium Condos – The Investor Suites on Adelaide.

Above is a photo I took of Axium Condos Kitchen in the Model Suite. Super high quality previously only found as an expensive upgrade in over-priced luxury condos. You an now buy this investment from me, Yossi Kaplan, and enjoy 3-years of income! *please scroll below for all the info.

You have seen the enticing investors offer for Axium Condos in my post here, and you have watched the video of the Model Suite here. Now it is time for you to learn more about the floorplans, pricing and return calculation for this project.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that this project will SELL OUT. Any units sold at a later date will be “builder inventory” which are kept to be sold at a much higher price. You can now get the same units for less, plus, a 3-yr rent guarantee. Can you find a better condo investment deal in Toronto? I was not able to., and that’s why we’re here.

To get a Price Sample List, click here. The floor premiums are low, about 500-1000 per floor. This is why you should buy the highest floor possible.

The Deposit structure is included in the sample price list. VIP investors get extended deposit structure. Brilliant.

To see the Axium Floorplans, click here. You will notice they are good designs, and make the most use of the space and structure.

To download a Sample Return Calculation, click here. It is a simplified return that will give you a good idea of the returns. It does not include appreciation (which in Toronto is now around 5-10%/yr) and it does not include outstanding costs, if any. In my opinion it’s good enough to give the investors an idea of what they should be expecting as returns.

To beat the lineup, fill in The Axium Worksheet and email it to me! I will post you in priority lineup to buy.

PAYING $3/sqft. for 36 MONTHS!

You do not have to get a tenant. This will be done for you at no cost to you. Good? Very good.

To attend the VIP Investors event you *must* register on my site:


Additional Information:



* Representations and information contained herein do not form part of any Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Hersh Litvack sales representative, The Hersh Litvack Team, Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc. and/or Yossi Kaplan and/or Your Choice Realty Brokerage is not affiliated with Foligno Building Group Inc., Greenpark, Fieldgate, or Homelife/Metropark Realty Inc. Brokerage. The parties do not warrant or represent any or all of the figures and statements above. No placement of mortgage is guaranteed and it is the responsibility of each purchaser to arrange suitable financing. You are advised to verify all figures and statements with your accountant and obtain independent legal advice. Price and availability are subject to change without notice 2014 E.&O.E.

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