Pre-Construction Purchases & The V.I.P Process

Toronto Condos VIP Pre-Sales

What is the difference between:

V.I.P, Platinum & Pre-Construction Sales?

What is the VIP process?

The above-noted terms were all coined by developers to distinguish the pre-sale of a condominium. When a developer is about to launch a new building, they will call a few selected brokers such as Yossi Kaplan from, and will ask us to go through our database of investor clients and other interested parties in the building or of the area to let them know that the opportunity is available.

The developer will then allocate a set number of units to each broker to sell, in return we make a marketing package which includes a worksheet, floor plans, a building brochure, the price list and all other information pertinent to the client. We send these packages by e-mail and follow-up by phone with all interested parties. This entire process happens prior to any access the public has to the sale of the building’s units.

What are the benefits?

VIP/PLATINUM/Pre-Sale properties are the first, and best opportunity for investors and buyers to purchase units in a certain project at the very beginning of the building’s sales cycle. As a V.I.P buyer you have access to these or similar benefits:

  • The Best Price
  • First Selection
  • Free or Low cost Assignment Fee
  • Upgrade packages
  • Extra Incentives: Window coverings, a locker, parking etc….
 What is the Process?

Step 1: Call Us and receive a V.I.P Package

The package includes:

  • Floors plans
  • Price List
  • Worksheet
  • Additional info (incentives as per project)

Step 2: Apply to buy a unit:

To apply for your desired unit, you will have a small window in order to fill in the worksheet provided. Note, this is a time sensitive step,  First come, first served – some buildings sell-out within hours. You’ve seen it on TV.

Additional documents required:

-The buyer representation agreement
-Fintrac (Identification form)
-Working with the realtor form and I.D

Step 3: Sign The Agreement

This is done at a later date and we will advise when and where to go, it’s a formality to make sure that your unit is yours. From there – sit back and wait until your unit is built.

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