Malibu Condos, LTD Condos

Malibu Condos, LTD Condos
by Malibu Investments
Malibu Condos, LTD Condos

Toronto Condos: Malibu Phase One is now way into construction and Malibu Phase Two:
LTD Condos now selling.
The complete strip Fleet strip is now spoken for, and Malibu is positioned at Bathurst, making this location desirable.
Selection of units are now available.
Please contact me about this project or any others, as promos change weekly.

Important Message to Buyers
Walking into a Toronto condo sales centre without being accompanied by a Realtor
may seriously limit your ability to obtain the best possible deal,
and the builder can legally refused that you come back with a Realtor (such as myself).

It costs nothing and to be represented and it won’t increase your purchase price.

We have access to unlisted properties at new developments and existing ones.


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