It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Toronto Condos Lofts and Real Estate by Yossi KaplanI was surfing around and discovered this article that claims that condos are the source of all evil in the world, that they are environmentally unsustainable and that “they build too much”. Check this pearl out:

Downtown Toronto is stretching to its breaking point
with new condominium developments
sprouting up like weeds.

On and on the ballad goes to this:

Once reserved for the rich,
condos are coming down in price
and are being built more cheaply.

Oh my. This comes of out University of Toronto, isn’t it? I couldn’t help myself and left a comment.

Seriously now, Aisha’s has a good point of encouraging green and responsible developments, but unfortunately she ignores the reality of the 100,000 new residents in this town each year. The Varsity reports of 40,000 new students. Shall we put them in tent cities, Aisha?

Yossi Kaplan is licensed Realtor with Harvey Kalles. His clients are downtown Toronto condos and lofts investors, buyers and sellers.

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