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5,000 public registrations, 2,000 Broker registrations… 300 VIP Brokers… DNA 3 has only 465 units… great product at great price.. who will get in? who will stay out? who will pay more? who will pay less? read below to find out. To register follow this link.

What is the DNA 3 Condos VIP Broker Sale?

DNA 3 Condos like other Toronto Condos are offered for sale in stages. First picks are given to select VIP Brokers (such as Yossi Kaplan of Harvey Kalles) and their clients before the general public has the opportunity to purchase. VIP Brokers are selectively chosen by condominium builders based on past performance, links to their communities and inter-personal skills. VIP Brokers in return offer their past and existing clients, as well as new client the option of buying from the largest selection and the lowest price possible. It’s a win-win-win situation for developers, VIP Brokers and clients.

What are the advantages of VIP Broker Sale?

1 – Better Selection. DNA 3 Condos boast a total of approx 465 units available. The earlier you get in the sales centre, the better selection there is for you to buy from. If you are a picky buyer you should do your best to get into one of these VIP sales to increase your chances of finding the unit you believe is the best for your budget and needs.

2 – Better Price. Most builders will raise their prices throughout the sale process, starting at the lowest possible price and slowly increasing prices as sales progress. Increases of 10-25% in the sale price from Day 1 of sales to last unit sold are common. The earlier you buy, the lower the price will be. Hesitation could be expensive.

3 – Civil Environment. We have all seen the crazy lineups, pushing and shoving that happened in some new developments in town. DNA 3 Broker VIP SALE is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in making the selection for your unit.

4 – Personalized Service and Expert Advice. Yossi Kaplan is a successful investor and realtor. Yossi provides his clients with more than access to VIP Sales, Yossi will help you understand the purchasing process, picking the right unit, and securing the best deal possible. Yossi will teach you about the Toronto Condos Market and answer all your questions in a professional and friendly manner. Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars without an expert advice. Working with Yossi is FREE TO ALL BUYERS. You will pay no additional fees beyond the purchase price, and no buyer commissions – GUARANTEED.

How Can I attend the DNA 3 VIP SALE?

Simply register with us. Remember, There are over 300 VIP Brokers and we were assigned a limited number of reserved spots for this sale. The longer you take, the less units available, the les selection, etc. Don’t delay!

What happens if I cannot attend on Saturday?

If you cannot attend on Saturday let us know when is the first available opportunity you can show up and we will make sure to book you a spot in the sale.

Can I show up without invitation?

No. You will be refused entry by security. Please register with us here.

DNA 3 Condos BROKERS VIP SALE will take place on Saturday, June 19, 2010. We ask our investors, clients, friends & family to contact us immediately for this fantastic opportunity. DNA 3 is a phenomenal investment we believe the quality, price, location and features will make DNA 3 stand out for many years to come.  DNA 3 investors will appreciate the Real Estate Investment Opportunity as nothing like it has been available for many years:

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Interest in DNA 3? contact us now.

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