B Streets Condos 783 Bathurst by Lindvest

B Streets Condos and Townhouses, developed by Lindvest Properties, is near Bloor and Bathurst, at 783 Bathurst Street. B.Streets Condos on Bathurst has white stacked cubes that contrasts with the timeless grey-coloured brick facade to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood. Underneath 9 stories of residential units, Hariri Pontarini Architects is adding retail space to B Streets on floor level. This makes everyday shopping even easier for the residents, already close to many stores, restaurants, bars in the neighborhood.

B Streets Condos will have a 4-story brick podium with several extruding bays to add a twist to the flow of the exterior. Hariri Pontarini Architects is not only creative enough to play with design without breaking zoning restrictions but also considerate. It is creating wide walkways to allow the neighborhood to circulate and to interact freely with it.

B Streets also plan to build 6 townhouses that faces the laneway, to provide residents with the peace of home living and the convenience of being right beside a bustling community. It will have parking and private drop-off for the residents. The project is in pre-construction and is in registration phase.

For more information on B Streets, visit their website. To seize this opportunity to own at a prime location, contact Yossi Kaplan.

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