Real Estate Red Zone – Part 1

Toronto Condos Lofts and Real Estate: Real Estate Red ZoneToronto Condos Toronto Lofts Real Estate Red Zone (and Marshall McLuhan)
Part 1

Hello everyone, I’ll start this post with a disclaimer:

Read this post at own risk, the content posted here is intended for entertainment only, and not for providing information for transacting purposes. Investors, Buyers and Sellers should all consult a real-estate professional in person and discuss their wishes fully and thoroughly with him or her. Call me at 416.441.2888 x 678 to set up a free one-on-one consultation.

And now to the usual madness:

The Toronto Media has been playing “Doom and Gloom” forever. Are they doing it to sell more papers or really believe in what they write? perhaps a little of both.

Who is to tell the future? we’re buzzed by prophets, experts, website and blogs, books, magazines, newspapers – you name it. They all claim to be the experts, all claim to have that Crystal Ball, the Holy Grail, the Crystal, the Magic Mirror.

Yet none of those I can offer you. The only responsible thing I can say is what my father always told me: “if you have a plumbing issue, call the plumber!” in essence, find and use an expert to get answers and solutions to your Real-Estate questions.

And that I can promise: we’ll let you know what we think, based on expert knowledge, reputable experience and up-to-the-minute behind the scenes vibrating pulse that we have.

We encourage everyone that is about to transact to get in touch and meet in person.

Our consultations are free and confidential. The meetings are about an hour long and take place at the office or a Starbucks of your liking. We’ll discuss your specific Real-Estate needs and desires, review the Toronto Condo Market, and answer your questions in detail.

Looking forward to your email,

Yossi Kaplan, MBA
Harvey Kalles Real Estate Brokerage LTD.
416.441.2888 x 678

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Toronto Condos Lofts and Real-Estate by Yossi Kaplan, MBA


Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate investor. Call Yossi with any question regarding investing in and selling your Toronto Real Estate.

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